Tommaso Rosi

  • Postdoc at UniTN / Co-founder and Administrator of Level Up
  • University of Trento

Tommaso is a post-doctoral research fellow in physics at the Laboratory of Physical Science Communication of Trento, he is specialized in the use of new technologies in Physics Education. Since 2010 he performs as a visual artist exploring the intersections between art and science, such as in his Augmented Lecture “HyperVision”. He is co-founder and administrator of Level Up, a startup dedicated to science education.


  • Physics education: academic research and startupping

    A PhD experience can be both the start of a career as an academic researcher and an opportunity to transfer the knowledge of a research area out of the university in an entrepreneurial way. To support this thesis I will present my personal experience both as a PhD student in Physics Education Research (PER) and […]