Physics education: academic research and startupping

Tommaso Rosi Postdoc at UniTN / Co-founder and Administrator of Level Up /University of Trento

A PhD experience can be both the start of a career as an academic researcher and an opportunity to transfer the knowledge of a research area out of the university in an entrepreneurial way. To support this thesis I will present my personal experience both as a PhD student in Physics Education Research (PER) and as a startup founder. In fact, me and another PER PhD student, Giuliano Zendri, were convinced that our research had the potential to be transferred out of the university in the form of a startup – so we founded Level Up srl. I am currently still living a double working life, as a postdoc researcher and as an administrator of Level Up, which after 4 years is still up and growing. In this talk I will give a brief presentation of PER both from an academic and a startup founding point of view.