Giorgio Cartechini

  • PhD student
  • University of Trento

I’m Giorgio Cartechini, XXXV cycle PhD student at University of Trento. I achieved the bachelor’s degree at University of Padua in 2017. In this context I started to get closer to the nuclear physics field working at Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro (INFN-LNL) for the thesis work. Then, I decided to attend the master’s degree at University of Trento due to the high quality of research activities in applied nuclear physics and due to the collaboration with renowned local realties like FBK or the Trento protontherapy center. For this reason, I decided to attend in 2018 a 2-month internship at Trento protontherapy center to achieve a more clinical point of view of research activities in the medical physics and radiation biophysics fields. I got the master’s degree In July 2019 collaborating for the thesis project with TIFPA group and Trento protontherapy center. Due to this successful collaboration, in particular thanks to my two supervisors C. La Tessa and F. Tommasino, I won the Prof. R. Leonardi prize regarding master thesis in physics at UniTN.
Finally, here we are, I’m continuing the collaboration with radiation biophysics group at TIFPA as Ph.D. student since November 2019.
For more details about my academic career and publications, I leave the link to my LinkedIn and Research Gate profiles.


  • Enhancing gamma production for online dose verification in proton therapy

    The main rationale for using charged particle therapy in cancer treatment is based on the localized energy deposition inside the patient, which translates into a superior sparing of normal tissue compared to conventional radiotherapy with photons. This advantage can be fully exploited if an accurate verification of the match between the therapeutic beam stopping point […]