Exciting neurons with light


Clara Zaccaria

Hi! I am Clara, from Padua. After classical high school I started Physics at the University of Padua, where I got my master degree in 2018, with an experimental thesis on Optical Tweezers. Now I am at the third year of my PhD at the Nanoscience Laboratory. In particular, I work in the Backup Project, a multidisciplinary ERC project in which integrated optics and biology work together in order to improve the knowledge about memory and other brain processes. I am part of the Trento SPIE Student chapter: we are a group of students who organize a lot of outreach activities mainly about optics and photonics, but not only (if you are interested, contact us! Check our FB profile: Spie Unitn Chapter). In free time I work with my foundation, Lilium SoundArt, based in Padova, realizing music videos to spread music and art.