Controlling the Selectivity of Conjugated Microporous Polymer Membrane for Efficient Organic Solvent Nanofiltration


Xiao He

My name is Xiao He and I from China. I finished my master project in National Center for Nanoscience and Technology (Beijing, China) as a joint student, then I stayed there and worked for two years. During these two years, my work had focused on how to fabricate a membrane and study the relationship between the membrane surface and the ions in the solution. To explore the micro-world and interest in the universe, I decided to expand my research field. Now I am a PH.D. student in the Atomic &Molecular Physics lab under the supervisor of Prof. Daniela Ascenzi, my PH.D. project aim at revising existing kinetic parameters (rate coefficients and branching ratios) for ionic reactions. focusing on those that are not included in astrochemical networks or whose parameters are only estimated using oversimplified models or analogies with similar chemical system. This thesis is part of the Astro-chemical Origin network, whose ultimate goal is to reconstruct the early history of the Solar System by comparing presently forming solar-type planetary systems with its small bodies.